MER is the world’s first luxury fitness brand. Inspired by the pure Scandinavian lifestyle.

Led by Norwegian founder Dan Helge Hansen, his team of
world class specialists will ensure only the highest level of service.

MER was founded in 2010 and soon became the leading fitness brand
among international business leaders and celebrities around the world.

What MER offers is bespoke personalised training, nutrition programs, gym design and gym management - tailored specially to individual needs and goals. MER have been working for years with individuals demanding the highest quality of services.

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MER has created the most bespoke training and wellness program in the world by utilising a variety of one-to-one methods including Dynamic Stretching, Pilates, Yoga, Metabolic System Development and unique series of exercises inspired by the Scandinavian lifestyle. The method is a systematic approach to achieving the goals efficiently and effectively. It is based on knowledge, science, and a wealth of experience.

MER team members specialises in a variety of one-to-one training methods designed to maximise efficiency rate for every one of our clients.

The starting point to creating your dream body is MER’s FOUNDATION assessment that includes Exercise and Nutrition Analysis, Functional Movement Screen and a 60 minutes training session incorporating unique moves developed by MER. The results generated in your FOUNDATION assessment will help MER design your tailor made lifestyle program to reach your best potential.


As awareness and education about the importance of a healthy lifestyle continues to increase, in-house fitness facilities are becoming one of the most sought-after services by home buyers.

With more than 10 years experience in the industry, MER is the market leader in luxury gym design. We have designed and fitted out gyms for prime residential developments, hotels, private homes and yachts around the world.

We customize precisely to the client’s requirements, but also incorporate state-of-the-art technology. Our long experience with high demanding individuals has given us a competitive edge in understanding what is the optimal and most efficient gym space that can be designed.


MER is a luxury gym and lifestyle management company, providing bespoke services to prime residential gyms and prestigious hotels around the world.

We strive ourselves to provide our distinguished clientele with the finest fitness management and wellness experience that the industry has to offer.


Discover inspiring career opportunities and unlimited potential for growth at MER. We are the leading luxury fitness brand and the prime choice of refined lifestyle and luxury service providers.

MER is based in London but are working worldwide with a discerning global network of distinguished affiliates and partners. Our ethos and founding principles: our culture of excellence client service, teamwork, personal initiative and loyalty, are fundamental to our long-term sustainability and success.

We are always looking for bright and energetic people to join our international team. We strongly believe in individuality, innovation and pro-activeness and we are looking for people who will be extremely passionate for what we do.

Please send us your motivation letter, CV and a recent photo at when applying for a particular position.